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Quorum is an exclusive community for property professionals who want to focus on developments worth £1 million and upwards.

It’s a club for individuals that want to form strong relationships with other people that are relevant to their goals, and have lots of fun in the process! 

Members share resources, experience, knowledge and contacts. The purpose is to collaborate, develop personally and grow their businesses while sharing and enjoying great experiences together.

The carefully balanced membership is extremely valuable for those involved and from an educational perspective, the model provides access to an abundance of experience and knowledge via peer-to-peer learning and brings together unique sets of talents.



Attract | Cultivate | Accelerate


The club has four key aims:

  1. To attract high calibre Members and support them throughout the rest of their property development careers.
  2. To cultivate and maintain a community of supportive Members that learn from one another.
  3. To be the UK’s leading property development club.
  4. To massively accelerate the progress of all Members towards their respective individual development goals by: 
    • Building a community and a pool of knowledge, experience, contacts and other resources    available for use by all Members.
    • Facilitating valuable introductions between Members and other individuals and organisations both inside and outside of the club.

Ultimately, we aim to become the UK’s leading property club and a force for change in UK property.



Passion | Integrity | Prudence


The club is defined by its culture and the following values: 

  • Passion & Ambition
    Our drive and motivation is derived from a deep passion for what we do. We believe that everyone has huge potential, and we help others realise as much of their potential as possible.
  • Integrity
    We have strong moral principles and value honour. We are open and honest in our dealings with others.
  • Prudence
    Developing property successfully and running enterprises requires good management of risk. By working more closely with others, we reduce risk.
  • Fast Kaizen
    We continuously and rapidly improve our working practices and personal efficiency.
  • Egalitarian & Supportive
    We believe that all people are equal and support the principle of equal rights and opportunities for all. We continuously help others reach their goals.
  • Humility
    We understand that success is derived from hard work and talent but also timing, an element of luck and lots of help from other people. No matter how successful our Members are or become, we’ll keep their feet firmly on the ground.


People | Relationships | Events


Matthew Siddell founded Quorum.

His aim was to bring together a carefully selected group of people with complimentary profiles that would benefit from building solid relationships with one another whilst focusing on £1m - £50m GDV projects. 

Matthew decided that the starting point would be our monthly one-day workshop package where Members work closely and get to know each other, but the concept proved so popular that other activities and events were immediately added to the offering.

And so Quorum was born…

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