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Membership is targeted at businesses that invest, develop or provide services to the property industry.

There are four membership categories for each and every forum and we continuously monitor the balance of the membership to make sure each category is adequately represented.

  1. HNWIs and their representatives with capital to invest in property projects on an active or passive basis. 
  2. Developers with adequate experience for their forum.
  3. Expert professionals with full-time property related occupations and businesses.
  4. A wildcard slot where, perhaps you don’t tick the boxes for the categories above, but can bring something valuable to the club. Be prepared to impress us!


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If you like the sound of the club, complete and submit our online form. 

We’ll arrange a call to discuss what the club can do for you and what you can bring to the club. We always meet potential members to finalise their application before anyone is accepted into the club.

Ask a friend

You might like to find someone who is a Member of the club and speak to them first. You can find them on LinkedIn and you might even know a Member already.

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Creating a network of value


The first thing we want to know when someone asks to join the club is, what can they bring.

By making this our foremost consideration, there is always an abundance of experience, advice, deal flow and funding. 

We use our buying power to arrange experiences and trips at substantial discounts and all memberships are corporate which means the conferences and networking events are all tax deductible.

Relationship Managers actively support Members and make introductions to and for them and ask if there is anything we can help them with; public speaking opportunities, access to templates, promotion of their new product or service. 

Without doubt the number one benefit for all Members, is the growing number of relevant relationships that can help them grow their businesses, develop personally and get good deals done.